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Demo Discussion

EHRAF highlights- review maybe random teaching exercise

landing page for new framework needs careful thought, is front end for entire platform

  • Initial search page
    • need an order for search all with no relevancy default relevance
    • Guidance at beginning with forming initial query
    • Review/adjust relevancy weightings 
    • How is ocm and owc leveraged weighted in search for relevance
    • Ensure easy way to change to new search type
    • Consider a history list for operations
    • In full context view review positioning denoting the location of selected SRE.
    • Table of contents with section markers that permit overlap, if possible and prudent
    • Page numbering.  Now skipping blank pages.  Should continuing original numbering?
    • Review/adjust unit of reading to section rather than pages
    • TOC: review non-specific 
  • Notebooks
    • Add all results 
    • Add a section?
    • Limits on the number of results you can add
    • Time stamp on documents relative to search for reproducible datasets
    • Possible elevation of results sets as first class object
    • How to limit pages for printing
    • General use of notebooks as intermediate management tool
    • Is the application the notebook?
  • Browse documents
    • Add ocm identifiers to ocm view.
    • Display ocm all the time?
    • What about major subject listing? Keep but develop a better one.
    • Should eventually have an ocm hierarchical view
    • Deferring description until needed requested 
    • Link to further info, and perhaps link there to full info on culture
  • Browse cultures
    • Deferring description until needed requested 
    • Link to further info, and perhaps link there to full info on culture
    • Do we need to formally mark the ethnonyms?
    • Consider production plan to get ethnonym/synonym/language data in order? Intern?
    • Matt: browse is search
    • Possible addition in summaries of hraf ethnonyms
    • Profile documents sort orders. Default name
  • Culture Profiles
    • Sort orders for documents
    • Need outside paywall
    • OWC identifier
    • Map descriptor addon showing locations
    • Production to get map data into service
    • Look at dplace 
    • Archaeological sites collect  map data from these
  • Advanced search
    • How to indicate all cultures -suggestion put greyed out in form field 
    • Clause construction
    • How to deal with standard use cases
    • Need to control grouping of clauses
    • Semantic grouping as a possibility within clauses.
    • Bias towards culture/subject as initial clauses

  • Authentication

  • Hosting/deployment
    • System admin
    • Amazon deployment?
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